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The cable news network CNN offers viewers live and breaking news stories from around the United States and the world. CNN was the first 24-hour live news channel when it was created by Ted Turner in 1980.


CNN was the first channel dedicated to 24-hour news programming, including live news coverage. Other major U.S. channels, including ABC, CBS and NBC, have also televised live news coverage.


Live television can be watched by subscribing to a TV or online provider. Cable and satellite providers broadcast live TV channels to their customers. Some online services also offer the same option, but may offer fewer channel options. Depending on a channel, the network might air a live television


Live TV streams from the Internet can be broadcast on a television set. Television sets that are Internet-ready allow streaming directly from the TV, without the need for added utilities. Devices such as Google's Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku allow live streaming to TVs with an HDMI port.


The most common live television broadcasts available on Television Jamaica are prime time news programs. Television Jamaica also offers live interview programs, music events and sporting events.


Customers with a modern television manufactured after 2007 and an antenna can receive all of the big national broadcast channels for free, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW and PBS. Users with televisions that were made before 2007 may need a digital converter box in order to receive broadcast televi


There are very few avenues for watching live, online television shows legally, although the Eternal Word Television Network provides live streaming of its shows for free. Some news networks provide free streaming for those who already subscribe to television plans from one of the major satellite or


Iran has live television. There are numerous news channels that broadcast across the country live and are a major part of live telecasting in Iran. Apart from news, there are also many channels broadcasting sporting events, children's programs and other shows live.


ESPN's live television broadcasts cover sporting events, sports news and interviews, sports commentary and talk shows, and human interests stories about sports personalities. ESPN also has several other affiliated broadcast networks with unique sports-related content, including ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN


Stream live TV by using sites such as CBS All Access, Time 4 TV, XFinity's live TV section and Stream 2 Watch. Some sites require users to sign up for an account.