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Many television networks offer live television either on their own website or in partnership with other video streaming websites. It is legal to watch live television online, providing the stream is authorized by the company that owns the broadcasting copyright.


The best way to watch live ABC TV is to turn on a television and tune to the local ABC station. If no television is available, ABC.go.com offers live streaming of its shows once the viewer selects his TV provider.


WwiTV.com hosts a free live stream of Star TV from Turkey on its website, as of 2015. The website also hosts streams of numerous other Turkish TV channels.


The first year that the general public could watch free live TV on a phone was in 2004 when Finnish phone maker Nokia launched its 7700 model, dubbed as the pioneer mobile device able to receive video broadcasts meant for television sets. The phone also had a built-in FM radio.


Top Channel live TV is itself an independent television channel, broadcasting across Europe through the Digitalb platform and in North America through the IPTV platforms of TVALB and Shqip TV. Audiences worldwide also follow Top Channel live TV with the downloadable application, which is compatible


ESPN's live television broadcasts cover sporting events, sports news and interviews, sports commentary and talk shows, and human interests stories about sports personalities. ESPN also has several other affiliated broadcast networks with unique sports-related content, including ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN


Unfortunately City TV does not offer live streaming online as of 2015. All you can watch on the City TV website, CityTV.com, are full episodes of their television shows after they have aired on cable TV.


ABC offers free live TV through its nationwide network of local affiliates. As of 2015, ABC owns, operates or has broadcast agreements with 242 stations. ABC also extends its reach internationally with stations in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


It is only legal to watch live TV online through a TV provider. Comcast and DirecTV are some of the providers that allow live TV on the Internet at no extra charge to subscribers. Only select networks are available for streaming depending on the user’s subscription. To access the live TV feature, cu


It is perfectly legal to watch TV online without paying. Many TV networks encourage viewers to watch their shows via the network's own website. PBS, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central and BBC America are among the TV networks that actively promote online viewing, as of 2016.