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Also known as a BIOS setup utility, a CMOS setup utility is software that edits settings for hardware in a computer's BIOS. In earlier models, users had to alter settings each time they added a new drive, but the addition of auto-detect features made this unnecessary. W...


To access CMOS setup on a personal computer, a computer user presses a key as the computer is starting. The key to press can vary, depending on the computer manufacturer, but is often the F1, F2 or Delete key. The system documentation identifies the appropriate key.


The complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, or CMOS, chip is a motherboard component that stores the basic input/output system, or BIOS, settings of the computer. It comes with its own battery power to retain stored information regardless of the power state of the comp...


You can reset your CMOS using the options in the BIOS menu. Clearing the CMOS helps resolve any conflicts you have with certain programs on your computer.


To reset CMOS, you need to access your motherboard's BIOS, and reset the BIOS to factory settings. You need to know the correct key combination to enter your specific motherboard's BIOS settings.


CMOS batteries power code that runs before the operating system is loaded in a computer. Common tasks completed before your operating system loads are activating the keyboard, loading the system drives and setting the system clock. Because the system clock is controlled...


The CMOS battery powers the Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. CMOS is the small amount of memory on a motherboard that ensures that the BIOS, or Basic Input-Output System, does not lose all of its data every time the computer turns off.