Any logical server that is set up, hosted and provided through a cloud platform via the Internet is known as a cloud server. They act much like typical servers, but the user accesses information remotely from the service... More » Technology Internet & Networking

You can easily access Cloud from a computer, phone and any other device with a Internet connection. Sign in to view all the files you saved. More » Technology Software

Clouds are white because the size of their ice crystals or water droplets is big enough to scatter the seven wavelengths of sunlight that produces white light. With all of the colors dispersed, the human eye perceives th... More »

A proxy server provides an anonymous portal for accessing information over the Internet. Many businesses and individuals rely on proxy servers as a means of online protection. In order to use a proxy to access the Web, u... More »

There are several ways to change your IP address, including unplugging your modem, using a different Internet connection, using a proxy server and contacting your Internet service provider. If you're using a Windows oper... More »

In Internet networking, a logical address is an IP address that may be assigned by software in the server or router or may be user-assigned, in contrast to the physical address (also called the MAC address) which is set ... More »

An FTP server is a network protocol that allows for the transfer of files over the Internet. This requires the use of a software program called a client, which is able to establish a connection between the computer runni... More »