"Dear" followed by the title of the recipient, such as Ms., Dr. or Professor, is one of the most common salutations for letters and e-mails. The salutation "Hi" should only be used for close friends and family. More »

Generally, business letters include the opening salutation, "Dear Mr./Ms. [last name]" and the closing salutation, "Best Regards" or something similar. However, the appropriate salutation depends on the industry, level o... More »

At Christmas time, Christmas cards go out to family and friends with popular closing salutations such as "May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year" and "Wishing you a Merry Christmas touched with w... More »

A list of informal letter salutations contains greetings for informal and personal letters. These greetings establish the familiarity the writer has with the reader and start with "dear" then the recipient's first name, ... More »

Writing a notification letter starts with writing the date and the recipient’s name beginning with their professional title. Explain the motivation behind the notification letter; this explanation should be kept brief, c... More »

Business letters should include your address or business logo, date, the recipient's address and the salutation. The heading that includes your address is often a business logo or is included on business stationary, but ... More »

The type of salutation appropriate for a business letter depends on whether you know the name and gender of the recipient and the type of relationship you have with the recipient. Start with "Dear" followed by the recipi... More »