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Does your sink or tub take forever to drain? ... grease, and hair can build up in your drain pipes, leading to a slow drain or a full-on clogged drain.


Jan 14, 2009 ... Here's a simple home remedy that's a safe alternative to drano and made ... with an annoyingly slow- moving shower drain or kitchen sink.


Mar 27, 2020 ... Remedy #1: Prevent the clog in your bathroom sink · Firstly, try to limit the hair from going down the drain. The little hairs from shaving may ...


I told my nephew that the account reminded me of something from my line of work as a plumber: clogged drains. See, a good picture of a clogged drain would be ...


There are several home remedies for clearing a clogged bathroom sink, including pouring baking soda or vinegar down the drain along with some hot water.


Jul 22, 2021 ... However, clogged sink drains are quite often a mystery, since the only things ... There are plenty of DIY home remedies that you can use to ...


If any of the previous home remedies aren't successful in unclogging your sink drain, it's time to reach for a common household plunger. Clean the P-trap.


Nov 6, 2012 ... Only it was my husband who came home to that mess I left, no supper, and a clogged sink, while I was busy sleeping over at my sister. He tried ...


If you are looking for an all natural DIY recipe to clean your clogged drain, try this easy salt and vinegar drain cleaner!


For the most part, I really don't like having harsh chemicals in my home – especially those bottles that have the toxic skull and crossbones ...


Weekly drain cleaning prevents stinky drains. You should also sanitize your plumbing and reduce the accumulation of debris clogging your drains. Wash your ...