With the exception of Oster and Andis brands, most standard clipper sets have eight guard sizes, the longest of which is 1 inch long. Clipper guards are numbered 1 through 8 and get longer in 1/8-inch increments. More »

General haircut clipper sizes range from number one through number eight. One is the smallest at 1/8 of an inch and eight is the largest size at 1 inch. These measurements refer to the length of the guard on the clippers... More »

To give yourself a crew cut, you need a clipper with various guards. Start at the bottom of the head, and use various clipper guard sizes to create a gradual fade along the sides and back of the head. Create a similar fa... More »

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Wahl, Oster and Braun are the top-rated clipper brands, according to Consumer Research. Andis and Conair are two other brands that Top Ten Reviews recommends. More »

The best dog grooming clippers vary depending on the specific use, but experienced groomers typically prefer clippers by Andis or Oster. Both companies make several models with different prices and options, so choosing t... More »

The type of clippers used in a woman's hair salon are those that are specifically designed for feminine personal grooming. These clippers are often smaller in size when compared to male shavers, and they are designed to ... More »

To safely use a flat iron on fine hair, use a steam-producing iron, such as Teflon-coated hot tool brands, and apply a heat protectant to hair before straightening. Use a lower heat setting and run the flat iron through ... More »