The field of psychology can be defined as the science of the mind. Psychology encompasses the methods and processes through which psychologists study the mind. Psychology is also defined as the scientific study of the wa... More »

Some of the fields within psychology are clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and social psychology. Branches of the discipline such as experimental psychology and psychometrics can apply to any of ... More »

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The objectives of psychology are to learn about the mind's subconscious, the mind's consciousness and the reasons for human behavior. Psychology is essential to study for treating mental disorders, other biological disea... More »

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General psychology is the study of the basic theories, principles and methods of psychology, which is the study of the mind. This includes emotions, development, learning, thinking, perception, intelligence, memory, lear... More »

The relevance of psychology in nursing is that the mind and the body are interwoven, so in order to treat a person's physical health, a person's mental health must also be treated. Nursing training involves psychology tr... More »