A climate zone is a classification of the type of weather that is experienced in a specific geographic region of the world. Climate zones are differentiated based on average temperatures and the amount of precipitation t... More »

The best climate can be described as one with plenty of sunshine and mild winters. Places located in the temperate zone have a mild climate. Spain, Portugal, Malta, Southern France and Mexico have the best climate, and s... More »

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A moderate climate has weather patterns that remain within reasonable limits. A place with a moderate climate is neither too hot nor too cold. Moderate climate is also characterized by moderate wind and moderate rains. T... More »

Because the province of Quebec stretches over a large geographic region, it is not possible to pin down one single climate for the entire area. It is helpful to think of the province as being split into three separate se... More »

A climate map is a type of map used to provide data about the general weather conditions in particular areas around the world. The information is derived from the long-term observations of climatic factors such as precip... More »

The best time to view fall foliage depends on latitude and geographic region but generally runs from late September to late October. In the Northeast, the leaves begin changing around the time of the autumnal equinox in ... More »

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The Frigid Zones are the areas north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle. They are the coldest places on Earth and have extreme weather conditions. More »