A climate region is a zone on the weather map that runs from the east to the west around the Earth and that has a distinct climate. These regions can be classified using different climatic parameters. More »

California has several mountain ranges, and their climates vary depending upon their location. For example, the Coastal Mountain range is located near the ocean and extends through two-thirds of the state. The coastal si... More »

The climate in the Appalachian region is temperate and humid, and it is approximately 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding lower elevations. The average high temperature in the summer is around the mid-80 degrees Fahre... More »

Global warming affects people by impacting climate with higher temperatures and catastrophic weather conditions, causing health problems by exacerbating pollution and spreading pests, and decreasing living space through ... More »

A moderate climate has weather patterns that remain within reasonable limits. A place with a moderate climate is neither too hot nor too cold. Moderate climate is also characterized by moderate wind and moderate rains. T... More »

A climate zone is a classification of the type of weather that is experienced in a specific geographic region of the world. Climate zones are differentiated based on average temperatures and the amount of precipitation t... More »

When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere that is believed to negatively affect Earth's climate and contribute to global warming. A reduction in fossil fuel usage slows climate change... More »