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A clicking sound in the ear is a variation of tinnitus, which may be caused by loud noise, brain tumors, ear and sinus infections, thyroid complications, or female hormonal changes, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders explains. However, tinnitus is often harmless and


Hearing noises in the head that do not come from an outside source is a condition called tinnitus, states the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. It is typically a symptom of a disease that affects the hearing system.


You can disable the mouse clicking sound through your operating system menu. It does take a few additional clicks of the mouse with the annoying sound still clicking away. But thankfully, the sound can be silenced so that you no longer hear it. That click is rated as one of the worst features of Mic


A car that makes a clicking sound when trying to start is one that lacks adequate power to its engine. This scenario occurs when the battery is dead or spark plugs are worn out in a vehicle. It results in the car not being able to start and demands replacement of the battery or damaged parts.


A vibrating object creates sound. The vibrations travel through a medium such as air or water. They cause the ear drum to vibrate creating electrical signals that the nerves transmit to the brain, allowing the hearer to interpret the sound.


Although there are many reasons sound is important; a couple reasons are that it allows humans and animals to hear and communicate, and it is a primary component in the functioning of sonar equipment. Sound occurs in a variety of waves, which have different characteristics and produce different type


The speed of sound is dependent on the medium through which it is traveling. Under typical conditions, at sea level, sound travels 1,225 kilometers per hour, or 340.29 meters per second.


Scientifically speaking, sounds are vibrations that spread as an audible mechanical wave through a medium of air or water. The hearing organs are then stimulated by the vibrations.


One cause of clicking in the ear is a eustachian tube blockage, according to MedicineNet. Tinnitus, which is usually a symptom of conditions such as hearing loss or ear injuries, can also cause clicking noises in the ear, as reported by Mayo Clinic.


Walking out to your car when you are late for work only to discover that the car won't start is aggravating. You are expecting to hear the motor but all you get is a clicking sound. If your car won't start, but it makes a clicking sound, that could mean that the battery is dead or the terminals may