Regularly clean stainless steel appliances with a mild soap solution followed by a clean water rinse. Use a nonabrasive cloth, and move with the grain of the steel during cleaning. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Some tips for cleaning stainless steel include wiping down and rinsing regularly, washing with the direction of the grain and avoiding abrasive cleaning products. Without proper care, stainless-steel tools and appliances... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Hamilton Beach sells brushed stainless steel mixing bowls for its line of stand mixers. They are available for purchase separately from stand mixers in the Parts and Accessories section of the company's retail website, a... More » Home & Garden Appliances
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To clean a stone fireplace, vacuum it, scrub the stone with soap and water, rinse it thoroughly, dry it with a towel, and replace the grate. This 45-minute process requires drop cloths, rubber gloves, a bucket, liquid so... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Scrub food particles from cast iron with warm water and a gentle soap, rinse with clean water, dry off and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. Make sure to do this every time the pan is used to protect the seasoning on ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To remove mildew from finished wood furniture, rub the affected area with a cloth dipped in trisodium phosphate solution, rinse with clean water and set the furniture out to dry before refinishing. Replacing the furnitur... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean a vinyl composite tile, vacuum or sweep the tile, scrub adhesive off the tile, mop the tile with a solution of liquid household floor cleaner, rinse with clean water, and apply two coats of vinyl composite seale... More » Home & Garden Cleaning