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To choose a cleaning service, review your cleaning needs, interview several cleaning services and check their references. Discuss who supplies the cleaning equipment, areas that need cleaning and payment arrangements in your interviews.


Starting up a cleaning business requires determining whether to purchase a franchise or setting up as an independent operator, as stated by Entrepreneur. Financing, contact information and pricing information is needed before the business can be marketed.


Foreclosure CleanUp Services, Fast Haul, Steam Master and Nitro property clean-up services are places where you can get property clean-up services. These companies not only offer services to homeowners, but also to real estate companies, banks and investors among others...


When looking for a cleaning service, some qualities to look for are professionalism, punctuality and a good reputation. It is also best to select a company that has its own equipment and that is licensed, insured and bonded.


Manta.com, Puroclean.com and Servpro.com are some of the companies that provide clean-up services. These companies list their services in their respective websites and provide contact information for customers who may need their services to contact individual companies.


People can receive free window cleaning services by bartering services or by learning professional techniques to clean their home's windows, according to MoneyCrashers.com and ThisOldHouse.com. Consumers can also search for low-cost alternatives by receiving free estima...


Check local listing sites with reviews like Yelp or home services websites like Care.com when looking for cleaning services after moving out. These types of sites list local cleaning service companies as well as providing ratings and reviews.