Clean rust from cast iron by washing it with soap and water, heating the metal, adding vegetable oil and salt, and rubbing with a paper towel or newspaper. Replace the salt and oil as necessary, and wipe the pan clean. P... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Cast-iron cookware is seasoned by coating it with oil or shortening and heating it in an oven. It needs to be cured or seasoned if the pan is new or if the nonstick seasoning has worn off. If the pan is new, consult the ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools

Scrub food particles from cast iron with warm water and a gentle soap, rinse with clean water, dry off and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. Make sure to do this every time the pan is used to protect the seasoning on ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

You can remove rust from cast iron skillets using the end of a potato and coarse salt. This combination removes rust easily, according to Apartment Therapy. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Care for a mini cast-iron skillet by using it frequently, lightly cleaning with soap and water, and rub the skillet with a light coat of vegetable oil after each washing. Avoid simmering acidic foods such as tomato sauce... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools

To season a cast iron frying pan, clean the pan with water and soap, and dry it over a stove. Apply lard or cooking oil generously over the pan, leave it for several hours, remove excess grease, and bake in a preheated o... More »

Lodge cast iron can last a century or more if properly cleaned and maintained, which takes only a few minutes after each cooking session. Wash and dry cast iron as soon as possible after cooking, using warm water, a soft... More » Home & Garden Cleaning