Clean Oriental rugs by using extreme caution and reading labels, vacuuming, using a water extraction cleaning machine and drying thoroughly. Oriental rugs can also be professionally cleaned by experts, either in the home... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Tips for cleaning wool rugs include to vacuum frequently, clean spots with warm water and wash stains with baking soda, white vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Avoid deep cleaning wool rugs at home as they retain moistu... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Make a homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution by combining water, dishwashing detergent and ammonia together inside an ultrasonic cleaning machine. This type of cleaning solution is best used on hard stones without cracks... More »

Tips to maintain a septic tank include reducing water usage, using caution with the materials flushed into the tank and having the system pumped on a regular basis. Septic systems are onsite sewage disposal, and proper m... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Use caution when cleaning a gravestone; avoid the use of household soaps, acids and other cleaners, especially bleach, that cause yellow staining of marble and may cause further damage to the marker. Only attempt cleanin... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Small area rugs can be cleaned by shaking them out, and larger rugs can either be vacuumed or swept. All rugs should be turned at least once a year to even out foot traffic. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Standard hotel housekeeping equipment includes a duster, bristle broom and soft broom, dust pan, rugs, disinfectant, floor cleaning liquid, buckets, thread mops, cleaning cloths, liquid soap, bleaching powder, a nylon br... More »