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Indeed, KleenMark, Busy Bee and Simply Hired offer listings or company positions of jobs online in the commercial cleaning industry, as of 2015. Positions available depend on open jobs in the industry, individual companies and location.


According to Forbes Magazine, when searching for a job, practice with tough questions for interviews, stay active by doing volunteer or contract and freelance work and, if possible, expand the job search parameters to include more positions. About.com recommends taking advantage of job search help a


One can search for jobs through various avenues including personal contacts, through the Internet, contacting employments firms, through headhunters, attending organized events and keeping in touch with alumni. Focusing on one particular avenue to find a job may make it difficult to achieve success


Indeed.com, Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com are three general job search websites that enable job seekers to search for part-time office cleaning position across the United States. Users can also limit their job searches to specific cities, states or ZIP codes.


Find a job with a cleaning company at Indeed.com or CareerBuilder.com. These websites feature numerous cleaning jobs of various types, and no registration is required.


While individual schedules may vary, most offices go through daily basic cleaning and thorough cleaning once a week. The size of the office, the number of employees who use it and the type of office furniture have a bearing on its cleaning schedule and on the amount of cleaning required.


Job websites, websites of cleaning and janitorial companies and corporate websites' careers sections list office cleaning jobs. Office cleaning positions may also list as custodial, janitorial or building maintenance positions.


Starting up a cleaning business requires determining whether to purchase a franchise or setting up as an independent operator, as stated by Entrepreneur. Financing, contact information and pricing information is needed before the business can be marketed.


Good office cleaning companies include Vanguard cleaning systems, Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc., Stratus Building Solutions, and CleanNet USA Inc, according to Entrepreneur. Molly Maid and Merry Maids offer good home cleaning services.


Qualifications for getting a job as an office cleaner include the ability to perform various cleaning tasks and knowing how to use cleaning products safely. Other qualifications include flexibility to deal with changing job requirements, the ability to finish tasks within a limited time period and g