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Using a clean sponge or towel, scrub the mixture onto the area. For wool rugs with pile on them, be gentle with the scrubbing to maintain the wool’s polished look. Spot treat a small area of the wool rug to test whether or not the rug will have an adverse reaction to the cleaning agent.


How To: Clean a Wool Rug Wool rugs are a great investment that can last a lifetime—if you maintain them correctly. Learn how to give your cozy floor coverings a surface cleaning to keep them ...


Yep, you heard us! Twice a month. Especially if you are having a wool shag rug, it needs extra efforts. Wool rugs have tiny little air pockets where dirt hides. This means your wool rug will look clean for a lot longer than the cheap synthetic alternatives, but will eventually need to be vacuumed to clean out those air pockets.


How to Deep Clean Rugs by Material Once or twice a year, your area rugs will need a detailed cleaning. The method you’ll use for area rug cleaning will depend on what the rug is made of. Wool Many people opt for wool rugs because they’re durable and tend to hold their color longer than other materials.


Wool is a very finicky material to clean. You can't use normal detergent to clean wool fabrics, and you can't put a wool rug in a dryer, because it will shrink. Cleaning a large wool area rug will be even more of a challenge.


My spring cleaning list is only about a bazillion miles long, and it’s filled with time consuming and all-day chores. I’ve been trying to prioritize chores in order of importance, and as a first time wool rug owner, “deep clean the wool area rug” was one I thought I needed to NOT let get swept under the rug.


Wool throw rugs help add color and texture to any room in the house. Using wool rugs over plain-Jane carpets adds an element of pattern and visual interest to the space. Over hardwood floors, rugs ...


Clean the rug by mixing cold water and liquid detergent together. When cleaning a wool rug you should never use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or dry powder cleaners. So, use the liquid detergent and water solution to clean your rug. This mixture should be sponged onto your rug in gentle strokes. Do Not Scrub


Area rugs warm up floors, inject color and pattern into a space, and create zones in your home's living quarters. But along with area rugs comes stains and debris, so it's important to know how to clean an area rug. First, identify your rug's material. This is an important step in prolonging its ...