Methods for keeping the environment clean include proper trash disposal, recycling, avoiding disposable products and using renewable energy sources. Other lifestyle changes that benefit the environment include taking pub... More » Science Environmental Science

Kids should learn to keep the environment clean because they may have to face the effects of climate change during their lifetime, and it helps them develop a positive work ethic. Children are the future of the Earth and... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

Although there are many different ways to keep the environment clean, some useful tips include avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and cleaning chemicals in the home, reducing carbon footprints and recycling different... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution
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Conserving water, reducing gas emissions, recycling trash and reducing energy usage are effective methods for keeping the environment clean. Fixing a leaky toilet or turning off the water while brushing your teeth can sa... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution

Nuclear energy generates electricity more efficiently than other energy sources such as coal, according to Nuclear power plants are not heavy polluters in the same manner as coal or oil. More » Science Environmental Science

Petroleum, natural gas, coal, nitrogen, uranium and water power are examples of conventional sources of energy. They’re also called non-renewable sources of energy and are mainly fossil fuels, except water power. More » Science Environmental Science

One reason that landfills are good is because they allow the government to monitor waste disposal. Although the thought of a landfill of garbage and waste does not sound appealing, they're quite beneficial to society. More » Science Environmental Science