Kids should learn to keep the environment clean because they may have to face the effects of climate change during their lifetime, and it helps them develop a positive work ethic. Children are the future of the Earth and... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

Methods for keeping the environment clean include proper trash disposal, recycling, avoiding disposable products and using renewable energy sources. Other lifestyle changes that benefit the environment include taking pub... More » Science Environmental Science

Keeping the environment clean today is essential to ensure there will be a healthy environment for future generations. With technology and industry thriving, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the environment ... More » Science Environmental Science Pollution
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Possible solutions to climate change include ceasing the use of fossil fuels, being more efficient in energy consumption and halting the cutting down of so many trees each year. Limiting the amount of children couples ha... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

Poaching may create negative side effects to human and animal habitats, the environment and communities. Furthermore, poaching may contribute to regional and even national and international political and legal instabilit... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

Some of the effects of human activities on the environment include global warming, habitat destruction, land degradation, overpopulation, pollution and resource depletion. These effects are a result of human activities s... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact

The effects of detergents on the environment include the release of substances toxic to humans and other organisms in waste water and the carbon footprint involved in the manufacture of detergents. Additionally, the cont... More » Science Environmental Science Human Impact