To create a simple seating chart online, go to Scholastic, and open the classroom setup tool. Choose the shape of the classroom. Choose the furniture in your class, drag it to the white field, and drop it in place. Next,... More » Education K-12

Make a virtual seating chart online using tools on sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Some sites offer seating chart tools for use in weddings or classrooms... More » Technology Software offers tips for creating a student seating chart, including ensuring students with special accommodations sit where it is most comfortable for them. For instance, a student who has a hearing or visibl... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Internet4Classrooms is a site that provides free resources that can be used in classroom and other educational settings. The site was founded by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles in November 2000. Brooks and Byles have more th... More » Education K-12

According to a study conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, online education is as effective as traditional classroom education. Therefore, a free online ESL course can be a useful way to learn English. ... More » Education K-12

Having cell phones in the classroom has both pros and cons, but there is no clear advantage or disadvantage overall. Most schools adopt a limited usage policy for phones and other technology in the classroom. More » Education K-12

Blackboards, or chalkboards, are made out of temporary materials— normally dark gray or black slate stone sheets — that do not last very long, and are always fixed, restricting the use of classroom space and creating pro... More »