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Teaching word family activities and lessons in the classroom will help kids learn to read and spell through phonics and hands-on activities. A post about the importance of word families and how to teach reading with word families. Daily suggestions, ideas, and activities for teachers provided.


Word Family Activities Phonics Activities Reading Activities Classroom Activities Preschool Ideas Classroom Ideas Kindergarten Literacy Kindergarten Language Arts Literacy Centers. Frogs on a Log - The "og" Word Family - Fairy Dust Teaching ... "Perfect for teaching word families and word study as an activity." "I like this list" See more


" Seuss Activities - Word Families Kindergarten is a very important time to build sight word exposure and understand word families (extension of The Lorax)"" Seuss Activities - Word Families used a chart like this to teach my sons how to read. honor students in high school now."


I love all of your center activities and now these word family activities! I was wondering, though, how you keep all of these activities clean when the students use whiteboard markers on the laminate. ... a teacher-mom committed to the journey of creating a differentiated classroom for my students. It’s my goal to meet the needs of all my ...


Word Families: Reading Activities and Spelling Games. Students can benefit greatly from exposure to common word families within displayed word lists and interactive games. A lot of details about spelling patterns and rules can be absorbed incidently, by viewing them every day.


Letter Dice Word Family Game. This fun family word game using a letter dice is perfect for children who already know their letter names, letter sounds, and are starting to put sounds together to form words (probably around ages 4.5-5). ... 30+ Fun Word Family Activities & Games. ... ha! You are so right…I've been out of the classroom for way ...


Word families and rhyming words help students with reading disabilities recognize patterns and predict word sounds for decoding. ... try art projects and games to introduce word families. ... and use them as a centerpiece in your classroom before Halloween.


Keeping up with phonics and word families, however, can add to weekly stress and frustration for teacher. I can say this because, up until just a couple of years ago, I would go on a scavenger hunt each week hoping to find activities that would help me teach each spelling pattern or phonics sound pattern. Talk about frustrating.


ED word family worksheets help young readers gain reading fluency and move on to higher reading level. These worksheets can be used in small groups, with the whole class, in literacy centers or as a homework. Find a variety of hands-on worksheets and activities.


Games. Kindergarten. Reading & writing. Word Family Hopper: -at ... Reading & writing Spelling Spelling Patterns Short Vowel Word Families-at Word Family ... can help us give you better content recommendations based on what teachers in your school or district are using in the classroom. School name. School name. Add another school. Cancel Add ...