Biologists have developed a specific system for classifying all living organisms which is based on dividing all known organisms into groups according to common features which scientists believe are biologically significa... More »

Scientists classify living things to make it easier to study and understand the behaviors, lives and evolutionary progression of millions of life forms. They use a system known as taxonomy to classify living things into ... More »

Biologists classify organisms based on physical characteristics and genetic relationships. Each specific kind of living thing is given a designated species name. Groups of related species are grouped together into a genu... More »

When scientists classify organisms, they are grouping organisms together so they can have a way to study them in a more efficient manner. Since there are millions of organisms on the Earth, it’s much easier to group them... More »

Scientists organize living organisms into groups because it is easier to study organisms that have certain shared features. The act of organizing different types of living things into groups is called classification, and... More »

Microscopes help scientists see tiny organisms and understand the fine details of cells, fibers, nuclei and other structures invisible to the naked eye, which in turn influences education and research, helping scientists... More »

Colonial organisms are actually groups of individual organisms with a close, dependent relationship with other organisms in the colony, often with each member having a very specific specialization that makes them incapab... More »