Some good class reunion activities include hosting a cocktail hour, having a DJ-led dance party with songs from the graduation year, bowling and taking group photos. Reunion activities can take place during the evening o... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A class reunion is a social function that seeks to reunite members of a graduating class from a secondary school. Class reunions can occur yearly, but more elaborate events are typically reserved for benchmark years, suc... More » Education K-12

Some class reunion centerpiece ideas include books, photo tree, dual-purpose trophies and pep. Those responsible for planning the reunion can find these ideas easy and fun. Also, they can help create a good memory of the... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Some party games for a class reunion might include imitation competitions of past teachers; "Pin the Glasses on the Teacher," where participants stick glasses onto a photograph of their favorite teacher; and karaoke, whe... More » Holidays & Celebrations

The first thing to do for a successful class of 1961 reunion is to choose a theme and incorporate it in every detail of the event, from invitations to activities. After that, plan a tour of the school and prepare a list ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

People reunite as family, class members or even because they served in the military together. The steps below are for a family reunion, but they can be used for most types of reunions. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Class reunions can be planned by an individual, a group of individuals or volunteers. There are also a lot of organizations that can help plan class reunions for a price. More » Holidays & Celebrations