The first thing to do for a successful class of 1961 reunion is to choose a theme and incorporate it in every detail of the event, from invitations to activities. After that, plan a tour of the school and prepare a list ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some class reunion games and ideas include imitations, guessing the top 10, name tag hunt and melody match. A class reunion gives former classmates the chance to get together and remember old memories after being apart f... More » Hobbies & Games Group Games

Some class reunion centerpiece ideas include books, photo tree, dual-purpose trophies and pep. Those responsible for planning the reunion can find these ideas easy and fun. Also, they can help create a good memory of the... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Fun ideas for a 20-year high school reunion include creating a website or social media page for the event, asking attendees to bring a piece of memorabilia and preparing activities that allow guests to socialize. A photo... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A good theme for a black family reunion is the history of the family. Among the activities that could be emphasized under this theme are family record exchanges, family history photo swapping and family trivia games. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Family reunion activity ideas include games, family history activities, talent shows and crafts. Game options range from physical activities such as tug-of-war and water balloon fights to calm games such as family trivia... More » Holidays & Celebrations

If the family reunion is held in a city where most participants live and work, getting everyone together for a day of doing activities together such as a picnic, team sports or visiting an amusement park can be fun. For ... More » Holidays & Celebrations