Two tasty variations on the hearty chicken pot pie are the Classic Chicken Potpie recipe by Martha Stewart and the much-loved Double Crusted Chicken Pot Pie by Yvonne Ruperti at Serious Eats. The main difference between ... More » Food Cooking

For easy chicken pot pie casserole, gather 1 1/2 pounds chicken, 1 cup each carrots, peas and frozen pearl onions, 2 cloves garlic, 2 cups chicken stock and 1 cup heavy cream. Also obtain a store-bought pie crust, 1 egg,... More » Food Cooking

An easy recipe for chicken pot pie crust is Fool-Proof Pie Crust that calls for flour, butter, sugar, an egg and ice water. Instead of making pot pie crust, buy refrigerated pie crusts for a super-easy chicken pot pie re... More » Food Cooking
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Recipes for homemade chicken pot pie are available at The website splits its recipes into four different categories: recommended, popular, quick and easy, and healthy. More » Food Cooking

Food sites such as and feature chicken pot pie recipes that include biscuits as a main ingredient. Both recipes for chicken pot pie use refrigerated biscuits to form a solid crust on t... More » Food Cooking

Martha Stewart's recipe for pot pie dough is quick, easy and available on her website, This dough uses only five ingredients and requires a food processor. More » Food Cooking

Some of Martha Stewart's carrot recipes include a roasted carrot soup and a curried version; there are also chilled variations. Chill any variation of Martha Stewart's carrot soups for at least three hours or overnight. ... More » Food Cooking