Civic responsibility is the responsibility of citizens in a society to exhibit certain attitudes and actions related to participation in society and democratic governance. Civic responsibility is associated with involvem... More » World View Philosophy Ethics

Civil responsibilities include active participation in government and democracy, paying taxes, jury service, obeying the law, respecting others, being civilly aware and the cognizance to “defend the Constitution,” accord... More » World View Philosophy

A citizen's civic responsibilities include defending and supporting the U.S. Constitution, participating in the democratic process and obeying federal, state and local laws, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration ... More » Government & Politics
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According to Colorado State University, social responsibility in business refers to the responsibility of a company to conduct business in accordance with its own desires while conforming to the basic rules of society. C... More » World View Philosophy Ethics

A civic duty is an action or responsibility expected of every member of a society. Generally accepted examples include obeying laws, serving on juries, paying taxes to the government, voting in elections and doing volunt... More » Government & Politics US Government

Examples of civic responsibility include voting, picking up litter, participating in local government and volunteering in the community. Civic responsibility refers to actions that are not required by law but are helpful... More » World View Philosophy Ethics

Acceptance, accountability, appreciation, bravery, charity, commitment, compassion, creativity, determination, honor, integrity, justice, kindness, loyalty, responsibility and righteousness are all common virtues. These ... More » World View Philosophy Ethics