Citibank customers who want to access their accounts online and take advantage of Citibank Online can do so by registering an existing account and confirming their connection to that account with personal information thr... More »

Customers can pay bills, receive text alerts about their accounts and receive their monthly banking statements with Citibank's online banking. Customers can also view their cancelled check images and make transfers betwe... More »

Register to make your Citibank credit card payment online by visiting, choosing the Credit Card option under the Sign On To option and clicking the Register Now link under the sign in box, as of 2016. On the reg... More »

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To open a Citibank account online, visit the Citibank website, go to the "Open An Account" page and choose an account type. Click the "Apply Now" button and fill out the requested information. More »

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Chase and Citibank are two national banks that offer free checking accounts with online access, notes each financial institution's website. Each bank has minimum deposit requirements and fee structures. More »

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