The only way to download the iOS application by Cisco is to use Apple App Store. Apple does not allow users to install applications to their iOS devices from another source. The app is called Cisco AnyConnect. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Navigate to the Drivers and Software section of the Canon product website to download the MP Navigator EX scanning application, and install the software. When you launch the application, the software shifts to the naviga... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The Hay Day application is available for installation on Android devices through Google Play and on iOS devices through the Apple App Store. Users can use the search function on either digital distribution platform to fi... More » Technology Mobile
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To join Instagram, download and install the Instagram application from the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device or visit the Google Play Store for Android devices or Windows Phone Store for Windows devices. Tap... More » Technology Social Media

As of 2015, the iPhoto application is a discontinued software for all iMac personal computers that run the OS X Yosemite system and is no longer available to be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The program has been r... More » Technology Software

A word processor is a software application that creates, stores and prints documents. Word processors are categorized as application software created to accomplish specific tasks as needed by the user. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To set up Skype, go to Skype's official website, fill out the user information such as username and password, download the software, follow the installation steps, and open the application. Use your username and password... More » Technology Social Media