"Cis" is short for "cisgender," referring to a person whose gender identity matches their biological sex. The Latin prefix "cis-" means "on this side of;" a cisgender individual's gender identity is on the same "side" as... More » Education

A cross dresser is someone who wears clothes associated with a different sex, while a transgender person is someone whose gender identity or expression differs from the person's biological sex at birth. The term "cross d... More » World View Social Sciences

Defamation of character is a legal term that comes into play when one person makes a false statement about another person. For a statement to rise to the level of defamation of character, it must be false and cause harm,... More » Education
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"Per stirpes," Latin for "per branch," is a legal term for the distribution of a person's estate divided out evenly by branch, according to InvestorWords. Each branch gets an equal share of the estate, regardless of how ... More » Education

The term "blogger" means a person who adds new entries to or maintains a blog. The term "blog" was coined by Jorn Barger on Dec 17, 1997. More » Education

"Phim sex Chau A" is a Vietnamese phrase that means Asian porn, or literally "Asian sex films." It refers to adult films that cast actors who look East Asian. The films are often targeted toward Asians but are also sough... More » Education

Pronoun-antecedent agreement occurs when a pronoun and the word to which it refers, known as the antecedent, match in terms of number and gender, when applicable. To be grammatically correct, pronouns and antecedents mus... More » Education