"Cis" is short for "cisgender," referring to a person whose gender identity matches their biological sex. The Latin prefix "cis-" means "on this side of;" a cisgender individual's gender identity is on the same "side" as... More » Education

Conveyancing is a legal term that refers to the transfer of property from one party to another. It is typically used in the context of buying, mortgaging or structural inspection of a property. It also finds similar usag... More » Education

A cross dresser is someone who wears clothes associated with a different sex, while a transgender person is someone whose gender identity or expression differs from the person's biological sex at birth. The term "cross d... More » World View Social Sciences
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"Culebrilla fotos" is a Spanish term which translates to "shingles photos" in English. Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a virus transmitted among humans. People who have never caught the virus, usually children,... More » Education

The English translation for the Spanish term "consulado Americano" is "American consulate." It refers to U.S. consulates in foreign countries. Consulates are where U.S. citizens go to seek aid in a foreign country. More » Education

The acronym has SXS has different meanings that are specific to particular industries and depend on the context in which the term is used. In the telecommunications industry, SXS stands for the side-by-side or Strowger s... More » Education

The term "dhimmitude" received extensive attention in an email chain letter that claimed dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling others. The email stated the term appeared on page 107 of the Affordable Care Act of... More » Education