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Party City is a well-known party supply company that has multiple locations across the U.S. that can help consumers with their birthday party needs. Other businesses that provide birthday party supplies include Walmart, Dollar General and The Oriental Trading Company.


Families can plan princess-inspired birthday parties by sending scroll invitations and decorating the party space with a majestic canopy, red carpet and cardboard throne. A princess-themed movie, royal makeover or gem hunt offers fun entertainment for guests. For party food, families can make a colo


A fun idea for a birthday party is a treasure hunt theme in which a handmade treasure map is created as an invitation and clues are arranged for party-goers to discover a treasure chest filled with party favors. Other fun party ideas include costume parties and a prom night theme.


“Back-to-Back Balloon Pop,” “Birthday Cake Hunt,” and “Blind Man’s Bluff” are just some of the most popular fun games for birthday parties. Children expect party activities at birthday parties to be full of fun and games.


A 2nd birthday party should have a theme that interests the child, such as princesses or trains. The party can also be decorated with the child's favorite colors.


Since most 11-year-olds like singing talent shows, one good idea is to have a "Rock Star Party." VIP passes are sent out for invitations, and the guests get to have fun with activities such as singing, dancing and rock 'n' roll tattoos. Each guest could be given a goodie bag containing rock star sun


Some birthday party food ideas include a cake or individual cupcakes, do-it-yourself English muffin pizzas, mud cups, ice cream cups and fruit cups. Some healthy food options also include watermelon slices, tangerines and baked tortilla chips.


Ideas for a child's birthday include a themed party at home or a destination party at a child's party place, park, local attraction or recreation area. Entertainment options include games, crafts, sports, themed activities and party entertainers such as clowns or costumed characters.


Good birthday party ideas for children include activities that most children enjoy. Craft making, outdoor field day activities or scavenger hunts are all good themes for a successful party.


Some popular games for a child's birthday party are pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs. Bingo is another popular birthday party game for children.