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The cider vinegar diet is a method of weight loss that requires the addition of apple cider vinegar to the daily diet, usually through drinking several teaspoons before a meal. The vinegar can also be added to meals, or an apple cider vinegar supplement can be taken. If drunk, it is advised that the


People who seek to lose weight, suffer from diabetes or struggle with blood sugar should try the apple cider vinegar diet. Although apple cider vinegar boasts a subtle impact on weight loss, it has been shown to help break down fats.


Apple cider vinegar is useful in stews, chutneys and marinades and in pickling. This vinegar can also improve the flavor of condiments, juices and dressings.


Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient for both its nutritious and culinary value. It has been used in folk medicine for digestive issues, wart removal, flu and cold remedies and much more.


Apple cider vinegar may help diabetics maintain their blood glucose levels by lowering the glycemic level of food in the digestive tract, WebMD reports. It also is used to boost the body's ability to fight off infection, although few health claims regarding the folk remedy have been proven, WebMD st


According to Better Homes and Gardens, white vinegar works in place of cider vinegar in recipes. In fact, most vinegars are acceptable substitutes for each other in cooking.


Apple cider vinegar is an unproven treatment, so there's a lack of certifiable information from the medical community on how much of it to take and under what circumstances. However, that hasn't stopped people from sharing how they use this kitchen cure.


Apple cider vinegar, along with other types of vinegar, goes bad after around 5 years. It stays good indefinitely if it is unopened.


The benefits of apple cider vinegar include freshening the mouth, alleviating mosquito bites and soothing skin, whether suffering from psoriasis, eczema or blemishes. It can also be used in addition to, or instead of, shampoo for oily, dry or lackluster hair.


The apple cider vinegar diet involves adding apple cider vinegar to an otherwise healthy diet and is based on the premise that apple cider vinegar speeds up the body's ability to retrieve nutrients from and break down fats and proteins quickly and efficiency, which in turn speeds up metabolism, acco