During the Cold War, the United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used animals such as ravens, pigeons and cats to perform tasks, including carrying small pieces of equipment or listening in on covert conversatio... More »

"The Survivor" by Vince Flynn is a novel about a man who steals data from the CIA. He plans to sell it to the Pakistani Secret service, but the CIA foils his plans. Americans and Pakistanis engage in a search for the inf... More »

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One of the top mystery novels of 2014 was "Revival: A Novel," by Stephen King, about the relationship between a boy and a minister over several decades. Another top mystery novel was "Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel," by ... More »

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As of 2014, to get a job at the Central Intelligence Agency, or the CIA, there is an extensive application process. A person must fill out an application packet including extensive information for a background check and ... More »

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Standards of the U.S. military include MIL-STD-810G, which relates to environmental engineering and laboratory testing to determine how equipment performs given various environmental factors, and MIL-STD-12D, which speci... More »

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Yes, spies are real, but they very seldom resemble how they are portrayed on television and in the movies. Spies are used to gather information about governments, businesses and other organizations to which a person or g... More »

You can use basic household items and equipment to make effective animal repellents that will keep cats and dogs from unwanted areas or activities. These repellents keep unwanted animals away without harming them. Avoid ... More »