Friends and Family Day at a church is a day on which members of the church are encouraged to invite as many friends and relatives as possible to join them for a day of worship. The individuals who are invited for the day... More » World View Religion Christianity

Ask each member to invite personal friends and family members to church. Set up special sections or booths honoring the guests. Make a bulletin board or a large welcoming sign, and hang it over the doorway or outside the... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Events that can be part of a church's friends and family day program include a worship service, food and drinks, music, activities, and services for the community. Events for a friends and family day vary depending on th... More » World View Religion Christianity
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To celebrate a Friends and Family Day event, organize a party and use specially designed cards to invite friends and family to mark the celebrations. Organize outdoor activities such as a picnic or sports to celebrate th... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Friends and Family Day is an event commonly hosted by religious organizations during which members of the church's congregation are encouraged to invites as many friends and family members as possible to join them for ch... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays

In Christianity, a church is intended to gather all the faithful of a specific denomination together for worship, whereas a chapel serves a more specific population such as a convent, school, prison or hospital. Most mil... More » World View Religion Christianity

Seacoast Church offers worship services with the opportunity for worshippers to respond to God at the end of the service, Kidscoast children's ministry with classrooms for newborns through fifth-grade students, and small... More » World View Religion Christianity