Examples of church anniversary speeches can easily be found online on websites like Church Pastor Guide, Write Out Loud and Find the Words. Depending on the particular denomination, there may also be church-specific site... More » Education Public Speaking

Occasions for celebrating a church anniversary include the church's 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th anniversaries since the church's founding. Church anniversary celebrations provide an opportunity to gather current and forme... More » Holidays & Celebrations

To write a church anniversary speech, you need to know which anniversary is being celebrated and why to write a speech that includes all of the exciting details that are part of the special occasion. Once you have the de... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Speeches for special occasions should be about topics that pertain to the occasion and interest both the audience and the person giving the speech. Some special occasions that require speeches are weddings, funerals, ret... More » Education Public Speaking

Some effective motivational speeches include John F. Kennedy's "Inaugural Address" of 1961 and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, given in 963. Historians also recognize Helen Keller's Lions Clubs ... More » Education Public Speaking

A free opening sample of a welcome speech is "We are pleased to be able to welcome those who have been with us for some time as well as those new to our group." Other free samples include messages welcoming visitors with... More » Education Public Speaking

A formal speech is a preplanned speech that is given to an audience at a formal or professional event, business lectures and celebrations like weddings being the most common. Formal speeches differ from impromptu speeche... More » Education Public Speaking