Chronic cough treatment options depend on the cause; the cough may be treated with antibiotics, inhaled steroids or various types of over-the-counter cough medicines, according to MedicineNet. For a severe chronic cough ... More »

Some of the most common causes of chronic coughs include sinus complications, tobacco use, hay fever, infections, medications, asthma and acid reflux. A chronic cough is one that lasts more than 8 weeks in adults and 4 w... More »

Treatments for a dry cough, also known as a nonproductive cough, include staying hydrated, elevating the head with extra pillows at night, using a humidifier and taking suppressants, according to WebMD. Drinking tea, lem... More »

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Although treatments for wheezing vary based on its cause, prescription anti-inflammatory medicines such as inhalers or quick-acting tablets that reduce excess mucus and inflammation in the airways are standard treatment ... More »

Although treatment options can depend on the direct cause or risk factors associated with a gastric ulcers, some possible ways to treat them are through lifestyle modification, different medicines, antibiotics, an endosc... More »

In addition to cough suppressants such as codeine, over-the-counter medicines, steam inhalation and cough lozenges can provide symptomatic relief for chronic cough, according to MedicineNet. The treatment of a chronic co... More »

Common treatment options for mastocytosis include medicines, such as antihistamines, anticholinergics, proton pump inhibitors and steroids, according to Cleveland Clinic. In more serious cases, the patient may need chemo... More »