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A DIY project. Save $200 - $350. Chrome bumper dent repair. I show and explain to you step by step from start to finish: How to remove the chrome bumper. How to work out the dent. How to put the ...


How to Repair a Chipped Chrome Bumper [3 Ways] So you’ve dinged, scratched, or have some unsightly pitting or rusting occurring on your chrome bumper. Gravel, small rocks, salt, and other debris makes chrome pretty easy to rust and show signs of wear if not protected. The good news is there are a few ways to conceal these unsightly ...


Ultimate Quality Bumpers & Wheels provide customers with over 15 years of service quality experience. Our experts give ultimate quality bumpers and wheels the ability to repair almost any of your damaged parts and help you complete your restoration projects, Whether you are looking to repair or re-chrome your wheels or bumpers, chrome out your motorcycle or restore a classic car or truck.


Generally a chrome bumper doesn't dent easily, but if it does, replacement is the likely option. The biggest reason for this is that the dent causes the metal to stretch and warp and, hence, is very difficult to bring it back to shape. Also, the chrome can crack while trying to do so which leads to ...


chrome. after the bumper is nickel plated and is free of imperfections it is ready to be chrome plated in hexavalent chrome. after chrome plating if any imperfections are found the chrome is stripped off and the bumper goes back through the process of nickel buffing, re-nickel plating, and finally chrome plating for the finishing touch.


We can come to your place of business and pick up your bumpers or trim for restoration. Fabrication. We have a full service chrome shop where we can repair and recondition any bumper, tail light, console, bezel, trim, etc. Welding. We can weld and repair most anything! Send your stainless steel, aluminum, pot metal, brass, copper, cast iron, or ...


Chrome bumpers don't dent easily, but when they do, most auto shops recommend replacing them. The reason is because when you dent the chrome the metal actually stretches and warps, making it nearly impossible to hammer it back into to shape. Combine that with the fact that chrome can easily crack or peel when you ...


SoCal Mobile Bumper Repair: We Can Repair Chrome, Metal, and Plastic Bumpers. On Trucks,Vans and Cars


Chrome plating provides a beautiful, reflective finish when it’s in good shape and is commonly used on classic car bumpers. Unfortunately, it can become very unsightly if rust is allowed to develop on it. And if surface rust is not removed before it pits the metal, it ruins the chrome, and the bumper will need to be ...


Bumper Man is a mobile repair service providing car dealerships, body shops and car rental agencies with quick, convenient and economical onsite bumper repair services. Since Bumper Man was founded in 1993, we have grown to over 100 franchises, serving over 8,000 car dealerships nationwide.