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Pinning the Google Chrome icon to your desktop taskbar will help you launch this browser quickly. Windows 8 includes an option to pin application icons and ...


Aug 4, 2021 ... No, seriously, Microsoft's web browser just keeps getting better. Here's why you should consider ditching Chrome and start using Edge.


Oct 29, 2021 ... Malicious Windows App in Sheep's Clothing. The malicious Chrome browser update linked to a Windows application package called a MSIX type file.


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Sep 29, 2021 ... Google is changing how Chrome windows are displayed on Windows 11 to make its browser look more like a native app.


Jul 6, 2021 ... The best browser to replace Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. The best replacement browser might be one you've never heard ...


Aug 8, 2021 ... There can be many reasons why Chrome is currently not working correctly on your Windows 10 computer. Perhaps you have recently installed a ...


Apr 29, 2021 ... Learn how to install and uninstall Google Chrome on your Windows 10 computer and make your browsing life smoother and easier.


Installation Troubleshooting for Google Chrome (Windows). Are you having trouble installing the desktop app while using Google Chrome?