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Some good gifts for Christmas include: terrarium kits, photo coasters, picture frames, glass centerpieces and custom map art. For men, some great gifts are: hole-less leather belts, collar stays, golf ball locating sunglasses, tabletop mini basketball games and phone radio docks. Scented candles, sc


Some unique Christmas gifts as of 2015 include a live video camera drone, pressure cooker/slow cooker and an entertainment platter. Other unique gifts include the growing wishes seed kit and an electric pepper grinder.


Good gift ideas for Christmas depend on the recipient, but can include colorful throws, classic books, gilded bowls and bracelets with a message that appears handwritten. Giftgivers also can consider practical gifts such as note cards, coffee cups, comfortable slippers, calendars and gloves.


Choosing a good gift to buy for a guy at Christmas will depend on who he is and what the relationship is, according to Good Housekeeping. If the guy is a friend or family member, then the gift will probably be a more personal gift than if he is a co-worker. If he's a significant other, then the gift


Good Christmas gifts for couples include those engraved or embroidered with names or family information such as pillows, canvas or plaques. Other items include those memorializing important dates, a bucket list journal for couples, a family tree journal or personalized heart pillows. Depending on th


Some good Christmas gifts for a boyfriend include couples clothing, an HD webcam, a wallet accessory kit and an anti-snoring pillow. These gifts range from humorous to thoughtful and can be tailored to the interests of either the boyfriend or the couple.


A good Christmas gift for a new girlfriend is something that shows sentimentality without being overly expensive. The best gifts of this nature are ones that show the giver has paid attention to details about his girlfriend's life.


Good Christmas gifts for Dad include goody hampers, outdoor gear, personalized gifts, clothes and footwear. Gadgets, tools, skin care products and do-it-yourself kits also make great gifts.


Some great Christmas gifts for a boyfriend include clothing, sports-related items, jewelry, cologne, electronics, game items or barware. Clothing ideas include sweaters, polos and jeans from reputable designers such as Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein.


A passage of time photo set is a good gift for parents. This gift shows parents their child's growth from infancy through toddlerhood, school age and college age up to the child's current age. Putting the pictures in a nice silver- or gold-plated frame, or in several different frames, makes this a g