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A (Left-Right) Christmas Story. The only criteria for a left-right (or, if you prefer, right-left) Christmas story is that it contain lots of gift-passing cues. Of course, there are bonus points for stories that keep people amused while they pass their gifts.


The gift each person is holding when the story ends is the gift he/she keeps. Even if you aren’t going to a party with a gift exchange, why not wrap up a few candy bars as the gifts and play this game around the dinner table tonight?? Everyone will love it! Have fun! Christmas With the Right Family


(Gift Exchange Poem below) Step #1 – Start out by placing everyone in a circle with all the gifts in the middle. Step #2 – Have each person stand up and pick one gift and have them return to their seat. Step #3 – Read a Christmas story with lots of “rights” and “lefts” in it to help them to exchange the gifts (Free Printable below).


Every time the word "left" is read, players pass their gift to the person on their left. 3. The gift that each person is holding at the end of the story is the gift that get to keep. No one can exchange gifts. You can make up your own story for this fun Christmas gift exchange game or you could use the following story. The Toy Soldier


When the story ends, players get to keep the presents they’re currently holding. Here are some examples: Suing Santa, A (Left-Right) Christmas Story Another Right Family Story A Christmas Gift Exchange Game (uses LEFT, RIGHT, and ACROSS) An alternate version works more like the usual gift exchange with stealing, etc.


Christmas Gift Exchange Stories Compiled by Michael James Johnston


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the Christmas left right game (w/printable story) In today’s post: The LEFT RIGHT game is so much fun to play at your Christmas gift exchange! It’s easy and will have everyone laughing. Free printable story included! ... Free printable Christmas story for the left right game.


Games are always fun, and we have gift exchange ideas that work with any age and on many different occasions.Gift exchange games add excitement to holiday gatherings and create memories. Read on to find the perfect gift exchange game for your party or get-together.. Christmas Gift Exchange Games


What others are saying Right Left Christmas Game - cute game for kids to hear the Christmas story. They can pass gifts on certain words. Christmas Left Right Game - Ernie the Elf & The Special Gift is a heartfelt Christmas story that involves over 50 gift passes and lots of twists and turns as Ernie the Elf as he tries to find Santa.