Some exciting Christmas gift exchange games are a holiday cheer exchange or a white elephant exchange. A few other ideas are a dice game called "Roll For It," a keyword game called "Right/Left" or a Christmas gift versio... More »

Good ideas for a Christmas gift exchange include giving only books, homemade gifts and a cobweb party. These ideas help to add individuality and uniqueness to the Christmas giving experience. More »

The Christmas left-right game is a group gift exchange game. A story is read aloud, and when the words 'right' and 'left' are mentioned, people must pass their gifts within the circle either to their left or right, depen... More »

Use phrases such as "Christmas comes but once a year, let's get together for some holiday cheer!" or "You're invited for some holiday cheer to celebrate this special time of year!" to begin a Christmas party invitation. ... More »

Some popular Christmas games for all ages include a Christmas relay race carrying ornaments on spoons over a set course, speed-decorating miniature Christmas trees, and naming holiday tunes. More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

A specific person did not start Christmas, but Christmas is a traditional holiday celebrated by people throughout the world for different reasons. People find joy in exchanging gifts with one another and honoring religio... More »

Christmas is important because it is a major religious holiday for Christians, because it is a widely celebrated secular holiday, and because it accounts for significant economic activity in the United States and worldwi... More »