While there is no best prayer, some Christian prayers have gained far more popularity than others. Many of the most widely used Christian prayers come from Bible passages, such as the popular Lord's Prayer, which comes f... More »

The top three most common prayers in Christianity as a whole are the Serenity Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer and the Prayer to Saint Jude. These prayers are prayed by multiple people every day in countries throughout the worl... More »

Some Christian prayers of healing include Psalm 51, "Healing Prayer of Command," "Prayer to the Divine Physician" and "Prayer for a Creative Miracle." ChristianHealingPrayers.com provides a cache of these and several oth... More »

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A Christian prayer of invocation includes a formal invitation to God asking for His presence in a worship meeting, thanksgiving and request for guidance. Believers recite these prayers at the beginning of a worship sessi... More »

A prayer warrior is a Christian, usually of an evangelical denomination, who dedicates himself to praying for others. The term comes from the idea of spiritual warfare and prayer as a figurative weapon against Satanic fo... More »

Christians use prayer to praise God, to bless and adore him, to thank him for his gifts, to petition him for both bodily and spiritual needs, and to intercede for others. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians use prayer... More »

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To become a born-again Christian, one must profess his sins, accept that Jesus Christ is the son of God who died for man on the cross, ask God's forgiveness and proclaim his new faith. After following these initial steps... More »

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