When thinking of a Christian name for a business, consider using a scripture reference, geographic location from the Bible, portion of a hymn or wordplay such as puns or alteration. Alternatively, you can use your own na... More » Education

Find Christian business listings at, and The websites offer listings for the United States and Canada. also offers l... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

The names of Christian groups usually reveal facets of their belief, purpose or mission, as in the cases of Answers in Genesis, Catholic Answers, the Coming Home Network and the American Family Association. Names may sig... More » World View Religion Christianity
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One Christian name, Aaron, means "exalted" or "high mountain." The Bible says that, in ancient Egypt, Aaron spoke for his brother Moses during their quest to free the Israeli slaves from Egypt. More » Education is a comprehensive database of name origins and meanings and includes a Biblical Names section covering many Christian names that appear in the Bible. For each Christian name, provides... More » World View Religion Christianity

To create a good username, start with the person's name and add a descriptor or use the name of the person's company or business. Another idea is to use a handle created for another website. More » Education

Beach house owners typically use puns to name their properties, such as "Seas the Moment" and "Aye Sea U." Sometimes the puns reflect humor, including "Looney Dunes" and "Shore Enuff." More » Education