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Similar to color-treated hair, strands are already receptive to color, so you can use hair gloss to correct and maintain the tone that you want. You can choose to either counteract the yellow tones without changing the color of your highlights or move towards a more even, overall color.


So, the hair will still be blonde, but the gloss will allow your stylist to make the color either more golden, ashy toned blonde or any other variation they choose! Think of hair glosses as the perfect final touch to your haircoloring service.


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Which one you choose depends on what your specific hair needs are. ... to complement the tone of your hair color. She says that unlike a gloss, a glaze does not contain peroxide or ammonia ...


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Application of hair gloss/glaze to hair that has undergone coloring service can adjust hair dye mistakes. If colors turned out a little brighter than desired, the glossing treatment can help adjust the tone of your hair color.


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For example, if you have hair with brown tones, choose a tinted hair gloss that is within the brown family. If you are unhappy with your current hair color and want to use hair gloss to change it, it is best to visit a salon to leave the treatment (and coloring choices) to a professional.


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Ask for gold highlights instead of red, and afterward, get a clear gloss treatment to give hair more luster (it's sometimes complimentary when you go in for color).