A miniature chocolate Labrador retriever may be a mixed-breed dog bred to resemble a chocolate Labrador retriever in appearance, but at a smaller size. Some miniature chocolate Labrador retrievers may be genetic dwarfs. ... More »

Like all Labrador Retrievers, chocolate labs have an average life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. Black is the most popular color for these dogs. Chocolate brown is second, followed by yellow labs. More »

Chocolate Labs are the rarest of the three types of Labrador retrievers that originated in Newfoundland. Although the origins of chocolate labs can be traced back to eight original bloodlines, chocolate was not considere... More »

According to VetGen, a black lab and a chocolate Labrador Retriever crossed together can potentially produce all three colors of the breed: black, chocolate and yellow. The results of the cross ultimately depend on the g... More »

The appearance of a Labrabull, or Pitador, reflects the characteristic of both breeds, including a short, dense coat in solid colors and medium size body with an athletic, agile build. Other visible characteristics of a ... More »

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A miniature chocolate labradoodle weighs between 2 and 9 pounds and is a dark brown color. Because this dog is a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever, its coat can vary between curly, wavy, wiry, woolly or fle... More »

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A chocolate Labrador and golden retriever mix, also known as a golden Labrador retriever, has a coat of medium length that is water-resistant. It is likely to be a chocolate-brown color, but it can also appear golden. Th... More »