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PRO CHLOR TABS keep your aerobic septic system safe and clean. The average home septic system uses about 2 lbs. per month. Slow dissolving high quality 2-5/8 in. tablets are designed for most septic systems.


These Septic Chlorine Tablets are designed specifically for disinfecting wastewater or effluent from septic systems and aerobic treatment systems. The septic chlorine tablets are made from calcium hypochlorite and are NSF/ANSI certified to Standard 60 and are approved by EPA for the disinfection of wastewater. All of our septic chlorine tablets are 2-5/8'' diameter and designed to be held ...


Effects of chlorine disinfectants on septic systems, wastewater & drainfields or soakbeds: What concentration of chlorine will kill septic bacteria? How does chlorine get into a private septic system? Is it a problem? When are chlorine or other disinfectants needed for aerobic or other septic systems? Will septic tank chlorine damage the septic tank or leach fields?


Chlorine tablets are added via an access port on the top of your aerobic septic system tanks. Usually there are two access ports, one for the chlorine, and one for accessing the aereation chamber. Depending on the system manufacturer's model, the ports will either be secured by screw-on caps or latched caps.


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Septicfit ®, calcium hypochlorite tablets, are engineered for use in aerobic septic systems equipped with tablet chlorinators. Septicfit ® ’s unique chemistry and size provide superior performance in most aerobic septic systems. Septicfit ® ’s unique additive package not only enhances performance, but helps keep the chlorinator tube clean and scale free.


Bio-sanitizer Septic Chlorine Tablets for residential or commercial uses. Septic Chlorine Tablets are NOT the same as swimming pool chlorine tablets. Swimming pool tablets are not adequate for wastewater treatment. Product Features. Designed specifically for use with septic systems. 2 5/8" Diameter; Required on most open discharge systems.


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Septicfit tablets are for Aerobic Septic Systems. Used in Sewage and Waste Water Applications. The potent Septicfit tablet formulation reduces 99.9% of bacteria within the first ten minutes of contact.


For Aerobic Septic Systems, Sewage and Waste Water Applications. Clor Mor Septic Tabs are formulated to achieve dependable and effective chlorine disinfection for residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems. These tablets are designed for the unpredictable flow rates that are associated with aerobic septic systems.