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The basic ingredients for guajillo adobo sauce are guajillo chiles, garlic, apple cider vinegar, sugar and cumin, along with salt, pepper and water, writes Roberto Santibañez for Food Republic. Variants include cinnamon, cloves, oregano or peppercorns. The sauce can be used for marinating fish and s


The main ingredients in Mexico adobo sauce are chillies, vinegar, salt, spices and sugar. Adobo sauces vary by region, with each region adapting the sauce to its particular preferences. Cooks generally make Mexican adobo with jalapeno chillies or smoked or dried chipotle chillies.


Adobo seasoning is a seasoning that consists primarily of garlic, oregano, black pepper and turmeric. Additional spices and ingredients added depend on regional preferences. Adobo seasoning can be prepared either as a dry spice mix or as a wet rub paste.


A good recipe for chipotle southwest sauce is Chipotle Southwest Ranch Dressing and Dip, which is a relatively healthy sauce that uses Greek yogurt for the creamy base. Another good recipe, Chipotle Southwest Ranch Dressing, consists of both buttermilk and mayo.


For a basic chipotle barbecue sauce, combine red chile paste, onion, garlic and ketchup with Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, vinegar and other ingredients. The red chile paste contains ancho chiles, Mexican dried chiles, chipotle peppers and chicken stock, as well as onion and garlic.


Some ingredients in Chipotle's recipes include beef, chicken, black beans, pinto beans and Hass avocados. Chipotle also uses salt, oregano, cloves, bay leaf and cumin as seasonings. When possible, the fast food restaurant tries to use organic ingredients, non-genetically modified food, and meat from


Ingredients in Adobo All Purpose Seasoning, manufactured by Goya Foods, Inc., include salt, granulated garlic, tricalcium phosphate, oregano and tumeric. Tricalcium phosphate is added to prevent caking. Intended for use as seasoning on meat, poultry and fish dishes, Adobo comes in eight flavor varie


A recipe for Philippine pork adobo is Filipino adobo with slow cooker variation that requires pork, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and onion. Another recipe uses ketchup and green beans, in addition to the other ingredients.


AllRecipes.com offers a recipe for Filipino-style chicken adobo that calls for using garlic powder, soy sauce, white vinegar and other seasonings. The recipe requires 20 minutes prep time and 50 minutes cooking time. It serves six people.


Chipotle powder is made by grinding smoked jalapeno peppers and is used to add flavor to different types of foods. This powder is commonly used in different parts of Mexico and in Mexican cuisine.