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Chinua Achebe is a Nigerian novelist and author of 'Things Fall Apart,' a work that in part led to his being called the 'patriarch of the African novel.' Famed writer and educator Chinua Achebe ...


Biography. Chinua Achebe was born on 16 November 1930. Achebe's parents, Isaiah Okafo Achebe and Janet Anaenechi Iloegbunam, were converts to the Protestant Church Mission Society (CMS) in Nigeria. The elder Achebe stopped practicing the religion of his ancestors, but he respected its traditions.


Achebe was born in the Igbo (formerly spelled Ibo) town of Ogidi in eastern Nigeria on November 16, 1930, the fifth child of Isaiah Okafor Achebe and Janet Iloegbunam Achebe. His father was an instructor in Christian catechism for the Church Missionary Society.


Early life Chinua Achebe was born on November 15, 1930, in Ogidi in Eastern Nigeria. His family belonged to the Igbo tribe, and he was the fifth of six children.


Chinua Albert Achebe Biography, Death, Net Worth, Family, Facts Chinua Albert Achebe, of blessed memory, was a Nigerian prolific author best known for his inventive style of writing and simplicity of expressions.


Albert Chinualumogo Achebe known as Chinua Achebe is one living African writer widely acclaimed for his work in English Literature. Born to Christian evangelical parents he was raised in a town Ogidi,in Igboland, in Eastern Nigeria.


Chinua Achebe Biography Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian writer and professor made famous by his debut novel, ‘Things Fall Apart’. This biography of Chinua Achebe provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.


…English, from the works of Chinua Achebe to those of Ben Okri. Wole Soyinka, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986, is known for his drama, poetry, and prose. His The Interpreters (1965) weaves stories from the contemporary world to the mythic and historical past, manipulating time so…


Chinua Achebe was born in Ogidi, an Igbo village in Anambra, southern Nigeria. He was the fifth of six children born to Isaiah and Janet Achebe, who were among the first converts to Protestantism in the region.


Chinua Achebe Biography Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian novelist, poet, and professor, widely considered the most influential African writer in history. He debuted with “ Things Fall Apart ,” which brought him instant fame and is generally considered his magnum opus.