Free online resources for learning Chinese writing include Learn NC, FluentU and Arch Chinese. Fluent in 3 Months and FluentU are also portals where learners can find a wealth of Chinese learning resources, including wri... More » Education

To translate your name into Chinese, either use the meaning of your name and find the Chinese translation, or start with the pronunciation of your name and choose Mandarin syllables that sound similar. If you already kno... More » Education,,, and offer options for learning how to write Chinese. Many local community colleges and learning centers also offer classes on the subject. More » Education

Edgenuity, formerly known as Education 2020, provides public school districts and private schools with blended learning services to help implement student resources, analyze school data and enhance professional developme... More » Education

Khan Academy is a nonprofit educational website that aims to provide high-quality learning resources to individuals of all ages. The site offers video lessons and practice assessments on subjects ranging from elementary ... More » Education

The "Integrated Chinese" textbook and the Anki flash card and Line Dictionary apps are valuable resources for learning new Chinese words. Reading, writing and listening are a must to learn and remember Chinese characters... More » Education and FluentU offer online English conversation classes. links students to qualified English teachers through personalized practice sessions on Skype. FluentU teaches English conversation ... More » Education