Some Chinese words are "shi," "bu shi," "xie xie," "bu yong xie" and "qing." Other Chinese words are "zai jian, "fa yuv," "wov," "wov men" and "niv." More » Education

The transliteration of the Sanskrit word "karma" in Chinese is "ye," but a common and more meaningful translation is “yinguobaoying" or "yinguo." "Karma" literally means "action" in Sanskrit and describes cause and effec... More » Education

Some basic Portuguese words and phrases include "sim," which means "yes" in English, "não," which means "no" and "obrigado," which means "thank you." Other useful Portuguese words are "adeus," which is "goodbye," while "... More » Education
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People who are physically or emotionally ill need to hear honest words that express empathy and availability. They want to hear statements such as “Tell me how I can help," "I'm here if you want to talk," or “That sounds... More » Education

Teenagers today use slang words such as "bae," whose letters stand for "before anyone else" and which refers to a significant other, and "on fleek," which means something is on point or very good. "Basic" is used to deno... More » Education

Some examples of words that end with the letter Q are suq, tzaddiq, and unq. Words that end with Q are extremely rare, and all of them are either abbreviations, such as tranq and CQ, or words borrowed from another langua... More » Education

Forvo provides a free pronunciation guide for more than three million words in 325 languages, as of 2015. Fonetiks also provides a free pronunciation guide for nine English dialects plus guides for French, German, Italia... More » Education