Some Chinese words are "shi," "bu shi," "xie xie," "bu yong xie" and "qing." Other Chinese words are "zai jian, "fa yuv," "wov," "wov men" and "niv." More » Education

The transliteration of the Sanskrit word "karma" in Chinese is "ye," but a common and more meaningful translation is “yinguobaoying" or "yinguo." "Karma" literally means "action" in Sanskrit and describes cause and effec... More » Education recommends many useful phrases for travelers, such as "Non parlo bene l'italiano" (I do not speak Italian well) and "Parla inglese?" (Do you speak English?). Other useful words or phrases include "Sì" (Yes), ... More » Education
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Food words that start with letter N include noodles, nourish, nourishment, nutmeg, nutrient, nutrition, napkin, nectar and nibble, according to Others include nacho, noisette, nougat and numbles, l... More » Education

English words such as ice, fine, align, might, rind and revise contain the long "i" vowel sound. The letter "i" itself is pronounced with this long vowel sound and can appear at the beginning, middle or end of a word. Wo... More » Education

Examples of interesting words that start with the letter "a" include "absquatulate," "afreet" and "argute." Other interesting words that start with "a" are "anfractuous" and "aa." More » Education

A good dictionary is the best place to look for information about the origins and meanings of words. The American Heritage Dictionary, for example, provides definitions and basic etymologies for more than 350,000 words. More » Education