Some Chinese words are "shi," "bu shi," "xie xie," "bu yong xie" and "qing." Other Chinese words are "zai jian, "fa yuv," "wov," "wov men" and "niv." More » Education

The transliteration of the Sanskrit word "karma" in Chinese is "ye," but a common and more meaningful translation is ?yinguobaoying" or "yinguo." "Karma" literally means "action" in Sanskrit and describes cause and effec... More » Education

Some common words and phrases to use on awards plaques are "outstanding," "achievement award," "awarded for excellence in [fill in what recognition is for]" and "team excellence award." The plaque can also use the phrase... More » Art & Literature
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"Crash," meaning sleep; "booze," meaning alcohol; "grub," another word for food; "psyched," which means excited, and "killer," meaning great or amazing, are some common American slang words. Additional slang words includ... More » Education

Pronunciations of foreign words are available on various websites, including and These sites provide audio pronunciations to commonly used words in different languages. More » Education

Some easy Italian words to learn are "si," which means "yes," "no," which means "no," "grazie," which means "thank you" and "prego" which means "you're welcome. Other easy Italian words are "ciao," which means "hello," "... More » Education

Some challenging spelling words to practice are "aardvark," "forsythia," "harpsichord," "haughty" and "oscillate." A few other tough words are "paraphernalia," "patriarch," "stationery," "suave" and "subpoena." More » Education