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Oct 16, 2020 ... CHINESE astrology asserts that personality and luck are determined by both your zodiac sign and your 12-year cycle element. Here's all you ...


Nov 10, 2020 ... Chinese Zodiac Elements ... Those born in the years dominated by the Wood element are people of high morals and great confidence.


Jul 13, 2020 ... How Chinese astrology works, How Chinese Rising Signs work. How Chinese Zodiac elements work - metal, earth, fire, water, water, ...


Jan 25, 2009 ... For example, 2009 is the year of the earth ox, but the ox's fixed element is water; the mix of the two elements, earth and water, is believed by some ...


Dec 11, 2020 ... Listed below are the 5 elements under the Chinese Zodiac and a few of the characteristics that the individuals born under each element will carry.