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Jan 23, 2016 ... Michael Pettis offers his take on what will happen next in China, and how it will affect the U.S. economy.


In the panic, new real-estate lending plummeted, putting more downward pressure on real-estate prices and hurting local economies. The Shanghai and ...


Apr 7, 2020 ... Engagement by the United States and China is especially important. In the wake of the 2008 crisis, the global economic recovery got a major ...


Apr 22, 2020 ... China's factory-gate prices, which are a key inflation metric for the world economy , fell 1.5% in March, and could drop as much as 5% this quarter ...


COVID-19 Crash: How China's Economy May Offer a Glimpse of the Future. Published. 1 year ago. on. March 26, 2020. By. Jenna Ross · Tweet · Share · Share.


Nov 16, 2018 ... China has incurred the largest debt buildup in recorded economic history—and the prognosis is not good. The International Monetary Fund ...


Apr 6, 2020 ... China's stimulus measures to jolt its economy into recovery after ... will be very different from what we saw after the 2008 global financial crisis.


Aug 1, 2019 ... China's expanded monetary policy after the Great Recession helped support less productive companies. Riley Mann. Based on the research of.


Aug 15, 2018 ... As the Financial Times Martin Wolf warned in the first of an ongoing series the dangers of China's debt-fueled investment binge, “The salient ...


Jul 15, 2020 ... It stood at 6.6 percent in 2018, and the 6.1 percent of 2019 marked the slowest pace of growth since 1990. The reasons for this sluggishness are ...